Strategic Construction Solutions is a construction services firm specializing in Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) for the power and energy market. We provide full-service consulting, construction management and EPC services through a turnkey approach and collaboration effort, which allows us to maximize project value and minimize development timelines.

As a subsidiary of Atwell, Strategic Construction Solutions also provides clients with access to full-service consulting and engineering services, and access to national resources, locations and networks.

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At Strategic Construction Solutions, we recognize the challenges that can accompany complex and fast-paced projects. Through a balance of safety, quality, results and flexibility, we deliver value to your development with new, expanded and renovated facilities.


Clients planning the development of new facilities benefit from engaging their construction partners early. Strategic Construction Solutions provides due diligence and planning services, as well as the expertise in engineering, procurement and construction of operational buildings, processing systems and related infrastructure.


Understanding what you have and what you need is key. In today’s market-driven environment, clients are likely to be investing in an existing strategic location to restart operations, upgrade technology or expand capacity in order to meet production goals. Strategic Construction Solutions brings expertise in evaluating existing resources and working alongside existing operations.


Our team understands the impact that compromised equipment has on your business. Our team structure is designed for the maximized response to repair and replacement needs, and our work is completed to ensure quality, long-term effectiveness on processing facilities. We partner with clients to develop responsive, effective programs that address planned maintenance, as well as reactive projects.

Health &

Throughout the planning, building and maintenance phases of a project, the service always present is health and safety. We design our approach with risk management in mind; we construct a safety plan that fits the project scenario; and we support the implementation of operational plans that protect people and production. Health and safety is the service that enables successful construction and completion and is the foundation that allows us to deliver on our commitments to employees and clients.

Beyond the Checklist


When our team builds the project approach, we build a custom safety plan based on its unique potential risks and challenges.


Projects are assigned dedicated safety staff, focused on preventative training, tracking and support.


As industry standards and project demands evolve, our team adapts its techniques and training to ensure compliant and successful strategies. Strategic Construction Solutions has proven this with a steady decline in its EMR rates over the years, and has a 2015 EMR rate of 0.59 .


Our leadership reviews and signs off on all safety activities, and continues to invest in training, resources and staff to ensure client and employee health and success.


We protect our clients’ best interests at all times. Our employees will not be put at risk at any time, for any reason.


  • ENEL Rattlesnake Substation and Transmission Line
  • ENEL Whitecloud Substation and Transmission Line
  • Blackhills Substations (Additional Project in Pueblo, St Charles, Penrose, and Huerfano)
  • ENEL Aurora Hills
  • Woodward Wind
  • NextEra Pheasant Run
  • NextEra Carousel-Javelina Met Towers
  • City of Safford, AZ 8th Ave Substation Rebuild
  • Energy Storage projects


  • EPC/EPCM Services
  • Program Management
  • Industrial Construction
  • Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation
  • Transmission & distribution systems
  • Substation / switching station
  • Ancillary plant and facility construction
  • Design and pre-construction process.
  • Management of bid Packages
  • Management of vendors and consultants
  • Constructability reviews and cost analyses
  • Planning and scheduling services
  • Development of quality and safety controls


  • Due Diligence
  • Land Acquisition
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering
  • Land Surveying
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Natural Resources
  • Permitting Strategy

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