Project Spotlight: Mining & Metals


Copper Mine Returns Online

Constantly balancing the need for speed and safety, Strategic Construction Solutions supported a nearly $200 million renovation project designed to restore a retired Arizona mining site to a modern operation that could produce copper and molybdenum concentrate yielding about 60,000 tons per year.

Providing general contracting, construction management and industrial construction services, Strategic Construction Solutions’ participation in this massive copper mine project included:

    • New steel installation
    • Siding removal and replacement
    • Concrete foundation repair and replacement
    • 600 tons of steel removal and replacement
    • 23,600 lineal feet of pipeline removal and replacement
    • Removal and replacement of all bad order process piping systems in mill and secondary crusher
    • Plant-wide tank refurbishment
    • Mechanical work on all bad order equipment

The restored operation came online before the desired deadline, providing additional production value to the global mining organization and adding more than 650 jobs to the local economy sooner than expected.


Overland Mining Conveyor Construction

On behalf of a global mining organization, Strategic Construction Solutions teamed with a materials handling system provider to design and install numerous overall and portable conveyors at several southwestern mining sites. Projects included:

    • Replacement of a 2360, 7,600-foot x 72-inch overland conveyor and supporting infrastructure for a leach pad
    • Installation of a new conveyor of the same size and supporting the extension of the agglomerator feed conveyor
    • Installation of a 300-foot x 72-inch portable staking conveyor, with the complete build-out of structural steel, mechanical and electrical systems


Increased Pumping, Increased Production

Strategic Construction Solutions was hired by a global mining organization to install an improved raffinate pumping system, resulting in an increase in copper production at this Southwest facility. Critical to the copper extraction process, the new system installation involved a large, stainless steel piping system and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piping, two 500-horsepower pumps, and ancillary structure. With a contract value of nearly $2 million, this upgrade was delivered on time and on budget. Specific services included: civil and concrete placement; structural and mechanical installation; stainless steel and HDPE piping fabrication and installation; and the electrical and instrumentation upgrades required.