Looking for a partner who can provide customized solutions and construction strategy? Strategic Construction Solutions understands the importance of efficient collaboration and client alignment to maximize project outcomes while mitigating risk. With expertise in a myriad of industries, Strategic Construction Solutions provides clients robust service offerings, and a commitment to excellence and safety.


Mining & Metals

Strategic Construction Solutions has assembled a team of professional constructors, engineers, tradesmen and managers to design and install creative solutions to suit the most challenging operational needs. Whether site conditions, schedules or infrastructure are the challenge, Strategic Construction Solutions can build a plan that performs.

Clients planning the development of a new mining operation benefit from engaging their construction partners early. Strategic Construction Solutions provides due diligence and planning services, as well as the expertise in designing, purchasing, transporting and building the operational infrastructure.

Understanding what you have and what you need is key. In today’s market-driven environment, clients are likely to be investing in an existing site for restart or expansion in order to meet production goals. Strategic Construction Solutions brings expertise in evaluating existing resources and working alongside existing operations.

Our team understands the impact that compromised equipment has on your business. Our team structure is designed for the maximized response to repair and replacement needs, and our work is completed to ensure quality, long-term effectiveness on the site.

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Power & Energy

Strategic Construction Solutions brings a safe and proven approach to the construction and maintenance of critical power and energy infrastructure. With specialists focused on the commissioning, shutdown and turnaround of mechanical systems, structural elements and large-scale equipment, Strategic Construction Solutions delivers the workforce and experience that your project demands.

Our in-house professionals, and project partners, work closely to identify and resolve critical issues early to produce quality, functional designs, protect equipment orders and keep construction on schedule. This comprehensive approach reorders the traditional task order to ensure that long-lead materials and foundational activities are organized to achieve the desired project results.

Our team is experienced in the fabrication, construction, installation and/or commissioning of pipe, equipment and structures for midstream pipeline, pump and compressor stations, distribution networks and logistic facilities.

We provide the supervision of multi-craft personnel for refinery and extraction facilities for new construction and turnarounds. Project sizes range from $5 to $75 million in size. Fabrication and installation of new piping, mechanical, structural, civil and vessel work has also been completed for turnaround projects.

Our staff has experience with construction and maintenance programs, including furnace tube repair, piping, mechanical, structural/electrical replacements, work in furnace, precipitator, ducting, stacks and generation floor. We have also managed and constructed greenfield and brownfield power plant projects ranging from $1 to $10 million.

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Oil & Gas

At Strategic Construction Solutions, we apply our core strengths of engineering, construction and maintenance to oil and gas infrastructure projects in order to provide multiple services needed to support field development including gathering, production and processing systems. This approach leverages our experience and allows us to utilize it in new ways. We now offer the market a full range of infrastructure design, construction and maintenance services to support expanding exploration and production.

Companies in the hydrocarbon value chain require certain facilities in the course of producing, processing, storing and transporting oil, gas, refined products and chemicals. We are experienced in and capable of constructing facilities such as pump stations, flow stations, gas processing facilities, gas compressor stations and metering stations.  The construction of station facilities, while not as capital-intensive as pipeline construction, are generally characterized by complex logistics and scheduling, particularly on projects in locations where seasonal weather patterns limit construction options. Our capabilities are enhanced by our experience in dealing with such challenges on numerous projects in all climatic conditions.


    • Booster Compressor Stations
    • Natural Gas Processing Facilities
    • Natural Gas Compressors/Meter Stations
    • Meter/Regulator Stations
    • Liquid Fuel Loading Stations
    • Structural Steel Installation and Fabrication

EPC/EPCM Services

Site Development

    • Program management
    • Industrial construction
    • Electrical, instrumentation & automation
    • Transmission & distribution systems
    • Substation / switching station
    • Ancillary plant and facility construction

    • Design and pre-construction process.
    • Management of bid Packages
    • Management of vendors and consultants
    • Constructability reviews and cost analyses
    • Planning and scheduling services
    • Development of quality and safety controls

    • Due Diligence
    • Land Acquisition
    • Construction Management
    • Engineering
    • Land Surveying
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Natural Resources
    • Permitting Strategy